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"People are the Consensus"

"Some cryptocurrencies want to go to the moon. Nexus wants to bring crypto to earth."

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Blockchain: Decentralize Decentralization - Colin Cantrell

Block Chain: Decentralize Decentralization

By: Colin Cantrell

Society began in clans with a single leader, to evolve into oligarchy control of the factions, to monarchy, dictatorships, and eventually democracy then republics. These all contained forms of central controllers of the direction of such factions.

Society is transitioning now towards decentralized forms of governance beginning with the first successful implementation, Bitcoin...

Bitcoin in Space – Freedoms Last Frontier - Keith Smith

Bitcoin in Space – Freedoms Last Frontier

By: Keith Smith

The world's population has broken the 7 billion person milestone. Out of those people, an estimated 6 billion people currently have access to cellphones. To put that into perspective, only 4.5 billion of those people have access to toilets. These cell phones, combined with the use of decentralized and inexpensive cube satellites, will make it possible for all the people on earth to have access to currency...

Prosperity Based Monetary Systems - Kierre Reeg

Prosperity Based Monetary Systems

By: Kierre Reeg

For thousands of years humans have been consistently evolving the idea we call money, money is basically anything, be it an object or an idea, that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayments of debts. It's a medium of exchange, a means with which to transfer value, something that can be used to store value, the definitions go on and on. To me, when you think about money, you realize, at its base level, it is simply an energy transference mechanism. It's a medium through which we can take perceived value and transfer it to one another...

Decentralize Exchanges NOW! The Case for Decentralized Exchanges DEX - Keith Smith

Decentralize Exchanges NOW! The Case for Decentralized Exchanges

By: Keith Smith

First Mt. Gox came and opened the floodgates of blood into the world of crypto. 650,000 bitcoins were lost and sent the market on a spiral down which took years to recover.

Altcoins were not immune to such theft, fraud, mismanagement, or a combination of these cases in altcoin exchanges. Mintpal, a monster sized cryptocurrency exchange dealing in many bitcoin paired cryptocurrencies was the first to follow the way of Gox....

Nexus Crypto Currency Simplified – A Guide for Everyone

gjsteele71 (Spaid)

When I first heard Colin speak about Nexus, it all sounded like English, but there were lots of words and acronyms I could not find in my dictionary. I guess I can forgive him after learning his father is truly a rocket scientist. Imagine the conversation around the dinner table in that household. Here, after many hours of research, I am going to attempt to decipher Nexus for you, and explain it in terms we can all understand..

Nexus Lower Level Library Will Benefit Every Dotcom, Fortune 500, and Network on Earth

Explained by Colin Cantrell. Collected and Compiled By Houssam. Edited and Released by Keith Smith

Few months ago, Colin Cantrell (Founder and Lead Core Developer of Nexus Earth) was asked a question about the LLP and the LLL and how these could be implemented into real world uses in the future.

Here was his answer: 

How To Become a Cryptocurrency Trader (Simple Tutorial)

Keith Smith

I have had an increased load of friends and family genuinely interested in Nexus and Cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of time to explain to each and every person exactly how to enter into the cryptocurrency markets the easiest way possible using the most laymen terms.

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