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"Time is Money"

"Not everyone has money, but everyone has time"

Future Nexus Features

Reversible Transactions: Transaction can be reversed if below expiration time by sending transaction void to the network

Two-Way Signatures: Receiver of transaction will be required to sign to prove ownership of txout before it will be processed. This will prevent burning coins by accident.

Trust Network: Using Trust Keys and more sophistication in Checkpoints will create a Trust Network in which nodes will be given the opportunity to vote on checkpoints and blocks to agree on set blockchain. This will prevent a rogue node from trying to manipulate the network.

Sync-less Wallets: Using the Trust Network as a backbone and the LLP for the protocol, will allow wallets to remain sync-less by processing transactions in the Trust Network.

HTML5 Wallet: Probably coming sooner rather then later, essentially building up a clean simple HTML5 wallet using qt web server. Will have all the great visuals that HTML5/CSS3 provides. Most likely coming before transaction features to have a cleaner GUI to integrate more functionality into.

Double Spend Protection: Using input locking and checking on reorganizations, can prevent a transaction from ever being able to be overwritten by a longer blockchain after a checkpoint eliminating any threat of 51% attacks.

LLL Integration: Once the Library including Static and Dynamic Databases is finished, next will be integrating LLP, LLD, and LLS with possible LLE for encrypted communications and high efficiencies in protocol responses and data storage.