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Colin Cantrell on Declare Your Independence 7/19/17

Freedoms Phoenix 

6 Hours of Colin talking about space, math, cryptocurrency, Nexus Earth, and the issues that lay ahead.

Colin Cantrell on Declare Your Independence 7/19/17

Freedoms Phoenix

Colin Cantrells goes deeper into Nexus and cubesats on 2 hours show with Patrick Byrne in the 3rd hour. 

Colin Cantrell on Declare Your Independence 7/14/17

Freedoms Phoenix

Colin Cantrell continues to speak laymen terms to Ernest about Nexus and Blockchain Technology.

Colin Cantrell on Declare Your Independence 1/11/17

Freedoms Phoenix 

Colin Cantrell Interview with Ernest Hancock and introduces him to Nexus.

Nexus Creator Colin Cantrell - YMB Podcast E102

Episode 102 of You, Me, and BTC

Today we have another special guest with us, Colin Cantrell, the creator of Nexus. His project encompasses all all kinds of technology but we’re especially interested in the decentralized computing network and its corresponding cryptocurrency, the Nexus. Mr. Cantrell will explain how Nexus got started, what problems it can solve, how it’s different from Bitcoin, and much more

#Blocktalk - Nexus' Colin Cantrell

#Blocktalk Podcast

Colin is interviewed by Blocktalk about Nexus and its features.


Future Tech Podcast

If you understand the Bitcoin protocol, no matter how much you know, I think you’ll be floored when you hear what Colin has created and launched with Nexus Coin.

THIS is an interview NOT TO MISS for serious Bitcoin fans. I’m serious.

Colin Cantrell, Creator of NXS – A New Cryptocurrency Seeking to Improve on Bitcoin’s Protocols

Published by Richard Jacobs

Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many Every coder has a signature: an individual way they code. When Colin Cantrell went to build his own alt coin cryptocurrency inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto, he went deep into Bitcoin’s code and learned exactly how it worked… and how to improve it. He was able to learn from Satoshi’s signature style, and incorporate the strength’s of Satoshi’s innovation into his new cryptocurrency: Nexus.


Nexus: One Currency to Disturb the Universe

“You can’t ask people to boycott a system,” Nexus cryptocurrency founder Colin Cantrell says, “without offering something for them to use instead.”


Too many people are quick to hit the pavement, screech in angry tones, cry for attention, swell their postures, pump their appendages, compete for the biggest, brashest cardboard sign, unisonically shame those who hold opposing thoughts…

Without even a shred of an idea how anyone… anyone!… could (in practical terms) make the situation they abhor better.

They must, we suppose, have forgotten the sage advice of the late Michelangelo:

“Criticize,” he said, “by creating.”....