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"Math is not Biased"

"There needs to be a careful balance between math and the human element."

Nexus Mining

Please Refer to the Mining Guide for Questions:

Prime Channel (CPU)

[Miners Created by Videlicet, Optimized by Supercomputing]

Prime Solo Miners:

Source Code [Github]

Windows Binary x86

Windows Binary x64


NXS Mining Pool:

Nexus Mining Pool:

NXS Prime Pool:

Prime Pool Miners:

Source Code [Github]

Windows Binary x64

Hashing (GPU) SK-1024 Channel

NXS Hashing Pool:

[Miners Created by Wolf, Windows Miner Modified by Paulscreen]

Windows 64 bit AMD Solo Miner

Linux AMD Solo Miner Source Code

[Miners Created by Bitslapper, Optimized by Djm34 & Mumus]

SK-Miner [NVIDIA] Windows

SK-Miner [NVIDIA] Source

SK-Miner [Github]