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SHA3 [Skein and Keccak]

Minting Channels

Prime, Hash, and Nexus Proof of Stake (nPOS)

Initial Supply

78 Million over a 10 year distribution period for the Prime and Hash Channels.

Maximum Annual Inflation

nPOS: Up to 3% annually; 2% after initial distribution is complete

Prime and Hash Minting Channels: 1% annually after initial distribution is complete

Block Time

300 seconds for Hash minting channel and 300 seconds for Prime minting Channel for an average of 150 seconds

60 seconds for nPOS

Block Reward 

Prime and Hash Minting Channels: The effective reward is established by the reserve balances. These reserves have a decayed amount deposited every time interval of one minute. If the balance is below a given threshold, the reward value will be based on a time’s value of a decayed amount. This means that the reward will be given based on how long it was taken to create the block. This prevents the reserves from being depleted as large amounts of computing power jump on and off the mining network.

nPOS Minting Channel: The effective reward is an annual interest rate that ranges between 0.5 and 3.0% annually.

Minting Difficulty
The miner’s difficulty is calculated by a proportion generated from the time it took to create the block, and the target time. The target time is calculated by the NEXUS Reserves working to deflate the difficulty if the reserves go over a threshold. This is designed to maintain transaction processing in the loss of computing power to given channel, by aiding in the reduction of the difficulty to a more suited level.