"I'm better with code than with words"

If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry.

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Colin Cantrell

Colin Cantrell

Founder - Lead Core Developer

Alternative energy · Consciousness · Cryptocurrency · Economics · Electrical Engineering and Computer Science · Electromagnetism · Frequency · Infinity · Inventing · Luthier · Mechanics · Musical Composition · Musical Instruments · Philosophy · Physics · Psychoanalysis · Self-sufficiency

Preston Smith - Development Team Member

Preston Smith

Community Manager - Public Relations

Preston has been heavily involved in cryptocurrency since early 2014 and immediately recognized the power of blockchain technology to change the world. He has strengths in management, writing, and editing and works to help guide the Vision of Nexus. He loves spending time with his family, is a nature lover, enjoys live music, and likes learning about the Cosmos and metaphysics.

Keith Smith - GUI Developer - Web Developer - Media Production

Keith Smith

GUI Developer - Web Developer - Media Production

Keith is a web developer, contractor, podcast producer, video producer, GUI developer, and family man. As a student of Austrian economics, he tried to prove cryptocurrency to not be as good as gold and silver. The more he studied, traded, tested, and used cryptocurrency, the more he realized cryptocurrency is not only a solution, but the solution.