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"Can it be Decentralized?"

Everything can be decentralized. Decentralize it again and again.

Nexus Videos

The Nexus Creature from Satoshi Island

Amazing explanation of development from the developer of Nexus Earth named Colin Cantrell. He explains what needs to be improved on Bitcoin and how Nexus is the project which is a proven experiment that works.

Colin gets deep into the subjects of cryptocurrency, monetary policy, economics, Tesla and new technology, Bitcoin, Nexus and the solutions he has presented. Colin explains how it works, how it came to be and where it is going.

Nexus Earth - Crypto - Bitcoin Cube Satellites 

Compilation of the discussion during a Google Hangout with Colin Cantrell and the development team of the Nexus project.


In this video Colin Cantrell explains inflation in the Nexus Cryptocurrency Ecosystem, building trust and how the old form of inflation is theft.

Music also played by Colin Cantrell.

Be The Decentralization - Nexus 

Be the Decentralization. Join NEXUS. It is more than just another cryptocurrency, it is the future.

Written and Produced by Keith Smith.

What is Bitcoin and Nexus? How will Nexus bring Decentralized Internet? 

Keith Smith, team member of Nexus Earth, describes Bitcoin, Nexus, blockchain technology and the decentralization of the internet live on Facebook.

Nexus, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Rising - The Nexus Convention 

Keith Smith goes into how Nexus broke the $1.00 mark and continues to gain support. He talks about Nexus being quantum resistant, secure, and laying the foundation for scaling larger adoption rates.