Nexus Earth Newsletter February 2017

Nexus Earth Newsletter February 2017

Welcome to the first Nexus Newsletter.  In the future, people will look back at this exciting time in the life of Nexus and see a crossroads between conception and creation, and we are here to witness it.  I thought it would be appropriate to start with the abstract from the latest Whitepaper release now being finalized.  It summarizes the plans and goals of Nexus perfectly.

Nexus will provide the framework to enhance the freedom, self sufficiency, and creativity of everyone in the world.  A fully decentralized global network will allow people to transfer value, data and services to one another in a truly peer-to-peer fashion.  A digital currency called Nexus (based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin) has been created to facilitate this system.  However, no system which relied on traditional ground based telecommunications networks is truly decentralized.  For this we look to the stars.  The Nexus blockchain will be secured in space.  Cube satellites in low earth orbit will provide network access worldwide at acceptable latencies.  Coupled with hardware devices on the ground, a global decentralized mesh network will be born.  People will launch new peer-to-peer services on the network without the approval from a centralized authority.  This network must be built on a strong foundation.  Over the past two years, many security enhancements and innovations have been developed and proven on the Nexus blockchain.  These include 571 bit privacy keys for increased quantum attack resistance, multiple mining/staking channels, dynamic difficulty adjustment, 1024 bit SHA3 based block hashes, unified time, trust keys, and more.  Nexus is more than technology.  Nexus is the connection of people…

Welcome to Nexus!

This week we surpassed 1,000 members in the NexusEarth Slack.  We welcome you to join the Community there for the most up to date news available.  There is a link to Slack, and to many other places you can find helpful information, along the right-hand side of the newsletter.

What Happened In The Nexus Universe Last Month?

The Nexus Team is pleased to announce the recent addition of three new team members.  Bryan Gmyrek, PhD joins as a core developer and has been helping Colin define and create the new Whitepaper.  In addition, Jessica Hartman has been brought in to help with marketing, and Slack member Houssam, a web developer and pool operator, has been officially recruited to the team.

Colin Cantrell, the creator and lead developer of Nexus, and Bryan spent time in Miami at the North American Bitcoin Conference in January, where he mingled with the top names in the digital currency and security industries.  Colin made some important connections and participated in some of his more interesting interviews.

In this interview available via Facebook, Colin and Bryan talk about the aspects of the project currently being worked on, what is planned for the near future, and answer questions from the community.  Colin goes into more detail on how satellites will be used to provide Internet access to the world, and how Nexus plays a role in the economy created by this worldwide network.

A new Nexus forum at has been created by Slack community member @etakmit.  Thanks to his work, we are able to have a more permanent repository for important documents and thoughts which Slack discards.  Please stop over to the new forum and add your insights.

What Is Happening In The Nexus Universe In The Near Future?

The Nexus Wallet version 3.0 is due out soon and will contain an important Trust Key Depreciation update.  This LLD (Lower Level Database) Wallet is the first of its kind and provides much faster loading times than previous versions.  If you are unfamiliar with the Nexus Trust PoS staking system, your interest earned increases up to 3% as you build Trust by remaining connected to the Network.  As your Trust increases, the Network relies on your connection to handle more transactions.  This is just one of the many safeguards keeping unwanted hackers from building a significant presence on the Nexus Network.

As mentioned briefly above, an updated Whitepaper is in the works detailing the technical inner workings of the Nexus Project like never before.  The initial document with all of the details was over thirty pages long.  An effort is being made now to reduce the number of pages and put it into a logical, and more easily comprehensible, format.

Team members are working on a complete revamp of the website.  It will include an new exciting theme and layout, as well as an updated FAQ page for visitors to learn more about the project.  Statistics and Explorer pages will be incorporated as well for anyone looking to quickly access network information.

What Do We Have To Look Forward To?

The big news everyone in the community is anxiously waiting to hear about is the completion of the contract negotiations with Vector Space.  When this contract is signed, the plans for rocketing the Nexus Network into space will be one important and revolutionary step closer to reality.

A marketing plan is being developed to get the word out and bring more people into the community.  Even without any substantial marketing to date, the Slack population is booming simply based on the increase in price and word of mouth.  It is exciting to think how many new visitors we will see when the good news about Nexus is broadcast through many more channels.

Developer Profile – Preston Smith

Preston, who goes by pdogg147, is a Core member of the Nexus Team and serves as Community Manager.  He always seems available to answer any questions and help the Nexus Community, whether it be in Slack, on Facebook, or on Bitcointalk.  He found Nexus, which was at that time Coinshield, while working on a different crypto project.  Preston met Colin and read the Coinshield White Paper and the two hit it off and became friends.  He then became involved in the Project mostly behind the scenes and began becoming more directly involved starting in the Summer of 2015.  Since then, Preston has helped build the Nexus Team and Community and works to further the Mission of Nexus.  Preston has an MS in Biology/Environmental Science and works as a Natural Resources Department Manager at a Consulting Firm as his day job.  He enjoys spending time with his Wife and Daughter, camping, hiking, music festivals, and, of course, working on Nexus.

Newsletter Credits

Author: gjsteele71 (@spaid)

Editor: Preston (@pdogg147) 


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