Nexus Earth Newsletter March 2017

Nexus Earth Newsletter March 2017

It has been an exciting month for digital currencies fueled by the highly anticipated Bitcoin ETF decision, which was eventually denied by the SEC on March 11th.

What Happened In The Nexus Universe Last Month?

The Team has been working hard this month to deliver the content Nexus fans have been waiting for including the new wallet called Tritium, a TestNet, and the promised Whitepaper.  Work is also continuing on the new Website and Explorer.  In addition, we have some musical talent from within the Nexus community working together to provide melodious content for Nexus promotions and videos.  We have also started work on a Nexus swag store which will be launched with the new website.

If you have been following Nexus for a while you know that when things are quiet, it means the Nexus wheels are turning, bringing its vision ever closer to production. Our lead developer, Colin, is making significant progress on the new Tritium wallet.  Tritium will be released in three phases: Tritium Beta, followed by the Tritium trust activation, then finally the full release named Tritium ++. This wallet will ultimately contain the LLD (Lower Level Database). In preparation for the release, over 11,000 lines of updated code have been pushed to the Nexus Github Repository.

Core Developer Bryan is putting the finishing touches on a streamlined TestNet for the Nexus Network so the community can assist in the testing by mining and staking as Nexus is in development.  Bryan is also working on code to set up Regression Testing for Nexus.  This type of testing is used by software development companies to verify programming updates which were previously developed and tested still perform correctly after new changes or when interfaced with other software.

Colin has set up an office at the Vector Space Systems (Vector) Corporate Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona and has also been working hard with the folks at Vector behind the scenes.  We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated Letter of Intent (LOI) between Vector and Nexus has been signed.  Specific details of the agreement will come at a later date, but the terms are in place.  The mutual partnership will entail Nexus supporting the development and testing of Galactic Sky and Vector providing support for the Nexus Network.  A mutual public relations (PR) and marketing push will begin this Summer when additional details will be available about the structure of this partnership, as well as the details of other companies who may be joining the partnership.  It is an exciting time to be a part of the Nexus Community!

Jim Cantrell (CEO and Co-Founder of Vector Space Systems) and Colin Cantrell (Founder and Lead Developer of Nexus )

Nexus Factoid

Did you know that Colin started coding Nexus on May 5th, 2014, about 4.5 months before the launch on September 23, 2014!

Community Member Profile

Each month for as long as we can find participants, we plan on alternating between a core member profile and a community member profile so we can all get to know each other better.  I, Spaid, am the focus of this month’s community member spotlight.

I grew up in Northeast Ohio (USA), but have lived in Georgia for my entire adult life.  I am employed as a programmer and have worked for Frigidaire (now) and Club Car (previously) for the past twenty years.  I am kind of a geek, even though I don’t really like Star Trek or read comic books.  I become obsessed with my hobbies and spend almost all my spare time engrossed in them.  In the past these have included Online Poker, Everquest/Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, and now digital currencies.  The name Spaid came from a Cleric I used to play in Warcraft.  I love to write and it seems to be something I can offer to the crypto-community.  I watch The Walking Dead every week, and my favorite Netflix shows to date have been Dexter and Breaking Bad.

I am also the moderator of the Crypto Currency News Reddit.  I was keeping up with Crypto News anyway so I decided to just post everything interesting I find for others as well.

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