Nexus Earth Newsletter May 2017

Nexus Earth Newsletter May 2017

Congratulations to our Community as we have now passed the 2000 member mark in Slack! This month started off with a lot of excitement. There was quite a buzz going on in the Nexus Slack for the second Vector-R full scale test launch on May 6th. Several members of the Nexus Team were there for the launch. The launch was successful and a lot of great data was collected allowing Vector to move forward with further testing. Check out the Launch Video Here. Congratulations to Vector on a successful launch! A lot of work for Nexus is going on behind the scenes including planning and organizing many things in addition to working on the White Paper and Tritium Beta wallet release. Many exciting things are on the way.

Left to right: Bryan Gmyrek, Colin Cantrell, Ashley Swazey, Michael Mosby, Kierre Reeg

Nexus Conference

We are pleased to announce the First Nexus Conference and Three Year Birthday Celebration. The Conference will happen September 21-23, 2017. The event will take place at the Aspen Meadows Resort in Aspen, Colorado, USA. More details will come as the plans are solidified, but the event center has been rented from 3-6PM each day. Ticketing information will be available at a later date. We hope to see as many of the Nexus Community there as possible. Podcast Interview

Colin’s much anticipated Interview was released on May 25th. Colin gave a great interview packed full of information about  Bitcoin tech, a little about Litecoin, and of course, Nexus. As Richard Jacobs of indicated at the end of the podcast, this interview has an amazing amount of relevant content and is worth listening to more than once to be sure you catch everything.

Improved Prime Channel Miner, Block Explorer, and Richlist

The improved CPU and CPU/GPU hybrid miner for the Prime Channel has been released. This really was a Community effort. Thanks to @mumus and all of the folks involved in testing the miner as it was being developed. A guide has been prepared by Community member @bibbityjibbity for using the new miner and explaining frequently asked questions on how the miner functions and how to set it up. The documentation can be found at the Nexus Forum CPU Miner Guide. We also released a new block explorer created for us by Community member @efficienthash. The Explorer is located at A Nexus Richlist along with some other cool information about the network is also now available on created by @psipherious.

Tritium Update

As with any major software update, rigorous testing is needed to ensure Tritium is ready for public release. Testing continues and the Tritium Beta release will be available as soon as the Team feels it is ready for prime time. Colin has finished most of the core of Tritium, which is planned to be rolled out on the seed nodes and Beta daemon clients for those that wish to help test the new backend engine. Tritium sets a foundation for the Tritium, Amine, and Obsidian (TAO) update series expanding the backend engine of Nexus and allowing easy expansion of the toolset.

Nexus Explainer Promotional Video

Nexus has hired Chris Folta at MotionFX LLC to produce a professional Nexus Explainer Promotional Video. The video is in the planning stages and will give a simple overview of Nexus.  You can check out some of Chris’s other work at

Website Updates

You may have noticed some recent changes to the format of We are making some theme and content changes. Keith has been working on the updates and once the revised website is ready, we will begin creating an entirely new site. Be sure to check out the new visitor widget on the Home Page that shows the location of visitors to the home page from throughout the world.

White Paper

Bryan and Colin have been hard at work finishing up the Nexus White Paper which now stands at 33 pages with more content still to be written. The White Paper covers basics of blockchains, Nexus vision, philosophy, and principles, as well as mathematics/calculations and future options for greater quantum security. The final section in the White Paper is dedicated to the TAO. It is an update series providing the final building pieces and scripting engines making Nexus capable of harnessing many technologies to provide greater future capability and adoption. The April 2017 Newsletter has more details on these releases.

Development Schedule

As all the ideas have been forming into a time based structure with the completion of the White Paper, a more concrete roll out schedule for Nexus is as follows:

1.      Nexus White Paper

2.      Tritium Base

3.      Tritium White Paper

4.      Tritium Time-Lock

5.      Amine White Paper

6.      Amine Time-Lock

7.      Obsidian White Paper

8.      Obsidian Time-Lock

Team Member Profile – Mercuryminer 

Mercuryminer has been a longterm member of the Nexus Community going back to the pre-launch days. You can often find him on Slack helping out with any questions, whether they be for mining or Nexus in general. He has been involved in crypto since 2013 when he built his first GPU mining rig. He first heard about Nexus (originally Coinshield) in Ypool chat where he was a longtime chat moderator. Mercuryminer was first drawn to Nexus because it was an original project in an era when there seemed to be a new coin every day consisting of mostly worthless clones with minor tweaks to coin parameters. He was an early miner of Nexus and continues to mine even now. In addition to often helping users with mining or wallet issues, he also runs seed nodes to help further decentralize the Nexus Network. When he’s not eating, sleeping, or working he can usually be found lurking on the Nexus Slack, although he does also take time out to spend with his family.  He enjoys going four wheel driving and fishing as often as he can.

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