The Nexus Embassy Appoints Advisory Committee Member, Steve Beauregard

The Nexus Embassy Appoints Advisory Committee Member, Steve Beauregard

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Nexus Embassy is excited to announce the appointment of its first advisory committee member,  Steve Beauregard who currently serves as Chief Revenue Officer for Bloq.

Steve Beauregard is a serial entrepreneur, disrupter and investor with a keen eye for emerging technologies and the business instincts to position companies in the sweet spot of each new tech wave.  Steve’s organization, Bloq, helps deliver enterprise grade blockchain technology to leading companies worldwide.

During his four year tenure with GoCoin as Founder and CEO, Steve brought the company from concept to profitability in under two years. GoCoin processed over $100M in cryptocurrency payments on four different Blockchains and emerged as the highest transaction volume processor in the world. Steve gained unparalleled insights into cryptocurrency spending behaviors, secure wallet management, global banking, coin trading and arbitrage, merchant acquisition and the worldwide cryptocurrency regulatory landscape.

Steve’s 25 years of developing pioneering technologies include internet, messaging, mobile, eCommerce and Fintech solutions for consumer, enterprise and government applications. With this vast experience, Steve has been honored with keynote speeches worldwide and is a frequently asked to speak at prominent universities including: USC Marshall School of Business, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Pepperdine, Chapman, Harvard, and the University of Oxford, Säid School of Business in the United Kingdom.

Steve believes Nexus can address the limitations of other blockchain technologies via the Three Dimensional Chain architecture and its superior functionality in the areas of speed, scalability and security.

“Scaling and governance have remained major hurdles for Bitcoin and Ethereum,” said Steve Beauregard, “Colin Cantrell has quietly studied all blockchain innovation and evolutions to propel his vision of a truly decentralized technology that has the potential to scale to meet the needs of mass adoption while promoting global connection and true public consensus.”

As the Nexus Embassy aspires to increase the utilization of its blockchain, it seeks to further attract and leverage expertise from leaders like Steve who have a successful track record of connecting and building across the technology industry. As an advisory committee member, Steve will take an active role in helping guide the overall organizational strategy with the goal of maximizing the potential of Nexus’ revolutionary technology.

The Nexus Embassy is currently in the process of expanding our advisory committee with respected thought leaders from a variety of industries interested in implementing blockchain solutions to address unmet needs.  Nexus intends to leverage its advisory committee to prioritize enterprise use cases and guide the implementation strategy ensuring widespread adoption of the Nexus technology.

About Nexus

Nexus is an innovative open-source blockchain technology, designed to improve the world through advanced peer-to-peer networks, and digital currency. Nexus focuses on solving the current challenges of speed and scalability in the blockchain industry, and Nexus also provides world-class quantum security through its many innovations. Enabled by its partnership with Vector Space Systems, the future of Nexus will also combine blockchain technology with ground-based MESH networks and satellites to facilitate the formation of a decentralized internet.  Nexus shall enable people to take control of their personal and financial freedom empowering humanity in the process.  For more information and to see how you can help build the future, visit

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Nexus Earth Newsletter May 2018

Nexus Earth Newsletter May 2018

April was a pivotal month in the history of Nexus as we continued to build out the core team with two key management hires who bring a plethora of relevant experience with them. We were honored to see Colin win the award for ‘Top Tech Exec’ in the Rising Star category by Phoenix Business Journal, just a few months after opening our headquarters in Scottsdale.

Development is gaining steady progress as we continue to hire more and more developers onto the core team. Colin Cantrell spoke about distributed ledger technology at the ‘United We Stand’ event in Texas, and Alex El-Nemer represented Nexus at the ‘Blockchain Expo Global’ in London.

Behind the scenes, the core team has been reaching out to key leaders of industry to help them understand the groundbreaking technology we are building. In addition, we are closely monitoring key developments on the legal side of the blockchain industry, while ensuring the well-being of the project by continuously reassessing how we navigate the developing legal landscape.  

The core team and community came together to create a set of Community Intentions and Guidelines for the project to help us retain the Nexus culture as we grow. Overall progress on the project continues to accelerate and we are more excited and optimistic than ever about the future of Nexus!

Development update from core developer Brian Smith:

Nexus continues to hire core C++ coders and we are in the onboarding process for a couple more devs who will be announced once they are officially on the team. The Agile framework has been keeping the team on track and has fundamentally accelerated the Interface development. Preparations are being made for our first rounds of in-house testing as well as cross platform testing. We couldn’t be happier with how devoted our developers are to the mission; it is that drive that has brought us to our advanced designs and continued improvements with each passing day.


Colin Cantrell Named Winner of the AZ Top Tech Exec Awards by Phoenix Business Journal for the category Rising Star












Colin Cantrell, Founder and Chief Architect of Nexus Earth was named the winner of the Top Tech Exec Awards, for the category of Rising Star by the Phoenix Business Journal.  Colin was one of three finalists nominated in the category, which also included Neel Mehta, a Partner at EpiFinder Inc and Justin Ryan, a Research Scientist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. All of the Top Tech Exec Awards finalists attended an awards dinner to honor them for their technology achievements at the Phoenix Art Museum on Thursday, March 10th.  Colin Cantrell was in Sydney at the time of the Awards dinner, attending the Nexus Sydney Meetup so Brian Smith attended the event on his behalf, and accepted the award.

Arizona has continued to create opportunities to establish itself as a technology-centric state in order to attract more tech companies to the valley, including becoming the first state to create a FinTech Sandbox.  Nexus established its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2018.









The Nexus Core Team attends the Phoenix Business Journal Top Tech Exec Awards on behalf of Colin

Read the follow up interview with Colin from Phoenix business journal here:


The Nexus Embassy Adds Experienced Business Leadership to its Management Team

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Nexus Embassy, the steward of Nexus, an innovative open-source blockchain technology and digital currency, is pleased to announce the appointment of two key members to its leadership team, Dr. Ajay Ahuja as Chief Executive and Scott Bischoff as VP of Marketing.

As the organization fostering the development of Nexus, an open-source blockchain technology that focuses on solving the current challenges of speed and scalability while also providing world-class quantum resistance, The Nexus Embassy is now evolving its leadership team to match the caliber of this advanced technology. Nexus’ peer-to-peer platform will enable people to take control of their personal and financial freedoms and empower humanity through decentralization.

Colin Cantrell, inventor of the Nexus protocol and the founder and chief architect of The Nexus Embassy expressed, “My favorite part of Ajay and Scott joining the team is that they are coming from corporate careers to now pursue the vision of our nonprofit to empower people.”

The Nexus protocol utilizes and expands upon current blockchain technologies for decentralized peer-to-peer networking, focusing on solutions to many of the current limitations of the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Inherent in this technology is the use of the Nexus digital currency (NXS), which has been generated organically since the launch of Nexus in 2014 without any Initial Coin Offering. Given the nascence of the blockchain industry, it has been beneficial to seek leaders who have significant management experience engaging with both regulatory oversight as well as technological complexity.

Dr. Ajay Ahuja has joined the team as Chief Executive, with the goal of providing strategic direction and business acumen to drive the rapid expansion of Nexus’ transformational technology. Dr. Ahuja most recently served as Global Head of the Medical Affairs department, in research and development, at Allergan plc, a global pharmaceutical company. He has also held leadership positions of increasing responsibility across marketing, commercial operations and business development functions at innovative startups as well as top global companies, including Pfizer, Takeda and Novartis. Dr. Ahuja earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University, a Doctor of Medicine from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

“I believe that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the world, in much the same way as did the internet when it came to the forefront 20 years ago,” said Dr. Ahuja. “Those applications that utilize peer-to-peer connectivity, that have the ability to move away from centralized third parties, and that enable verification of immutable data, will have the ability to empower individuals all over the world. I am thrilled to be a part of this movement.”

Scott Bischoff has joined the team as VP of Marketing in order to further the network’s marketing and commercialization strategy in this critical time of organizational growth. Bischoff, who brings over two decades of cross-functional leadership experience in multiple Fortune 500 companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb and Teva Pharmaceuticals, will be tasked with leveraging his diverse background to expand the use of the Nexus technology to develop additional use cases utilizing this advanced blockchain. Bischoff earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Southern Illinois University and has additional education and leadership experience in music business, technology, finance, real estate, tax and legal strategies.

“I am delighted that Scott is bringing his experience, wisdom and professional attributes to The Nexus Embassy,” said Dr. Ahuja. “Nexus is being designed as world-class technology, and it is scaling up to make a real difference in the world. Scott, along with the rest of the management team, is poised to help make this a reality.”

Having recently established its physical headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Nexus Embassy has ongoing plans to continue to build out the organization with top coders and developers, in order to focus on the development of the Nexus technology and the creation of multiple use case applications. With its cryptocurrency as the initial use case, Nexus will continue its expansion to help to reshape the world and continue progress towards a truly decentralized system.

Phoenix Business Journal also covered the addition of Ajay Ahuja to the Nexus Embassy:

How a Harvard Grad and Former Medical Executive is Helping a Scottsdale Blockchain Nonprofit


The London Letter meets with Colin Cantrell in London:

A Two Part Interview Series

While in London for the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), Collin Cantrell and Alex El-Nemer met with the team from the London Letter, who conducted a two part interview with the Nexus Founder and Chief Architect.  The detailed interview covered everything from how he got into technology to current updates on Vector as well as Nexus’s future in space, the 3D Chain, the LLD and providing internet for the world.

Check out the full interviews here:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Colin Cantrell Speaks at United We Stand, 2018

Colin Cantrell spoke at United We Stand on distributed ledger technology in our voting system and our personal evolution. The event took place in College Station, Texas on April 29th and included speakers such as Jeff Berwick, Sterlin Luxan, and Max Borders, who focused on alternative governance models that promote peace and equality. This included blockchain technology as a solution to effectively organize political and economic systems.

Watch Colin’s entire speech here:


Community Intentions & Guidelines

The Nexus Community is a unique and potent part of The Nexus Embassy, known throughout the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities for its critical involvement in the project. In an effort to further assist in the growth of the Community, at a level in alignment with Colin’s code, Nexus hired Community Coordinator Anastasiya Maslova and, in collaboration with the community, put into place a series of Community Intentions and Guidelines.

In April, members in Slack, Telegram, and Discord had the opportunity to review the intentions, recalling the qualities that have made so many people deeply engage with Nexus.  At the conclusion, everyone collaboratively agreed to implement the Intentions and Guidelines outlined here:

Nexus Community Intentions & Guidelines

We are Nexus: a connection of people, ideas, and technology providing greater choice and freedom through blockchain applications to propel humanity forward. Evolution starts here!

Nexus has seen extraordinary growth since its inception and we are excited to enter the next stage of our development. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry matures, we are finding new and improved ways to execute our vision for a better world. Nexus aims to become the most advanced and trusted distributed ledger and peer-to-peer network. We focus on providing worldwide access to information, cutting-edge technology, and organizational decentralization.

To build Nexus, we strongly encourage a participatory and proactive community.. You are the creative force and deserve a place where you can thrive while pursuing these collaborative endeavors. Our community has an infinite amount of talent, passion, and drive. We want to promote a culture that inspires and supports that energy. Together, we are unlimited!

Imagine a world where information flows freely and securely, where we communicate without technological interruptions, transfer value without limitations, pursue our passions, and trust that the systems we create are working to make our lives easier, and more efficient and effective. At Nexus, we hope that you are inspired to collaborate with us and turn this vision into reality.


These intentions have been inspired by you to create focus and positively evolve Nexus:

Collaboration through Connection and Shared Vision
Education with Patience and Grace
Mutual Respect through Honest Discussion and Transparency
Creating a Positive Impact through Community and Cooperation


These guidelines help us achieve our goals of transparency, abundance, and freedom across all of our platforms.

Collaborating and creating with Nexus means:

Being objective with receptivity and honest in our communication
Being respectful in conduct and understanding during conflict
Bringing honor to what we say and harmony to what we do

Please remember that every member is an individual just like you. We want our community contributors to have a positive, safe, respectful, and transparent environment to share ideas, work on goals, collaborate and create. To do that, we can all make the personal choice to treat everyone in this community with the highest respect. It’s that simple!

These guidelines are set up to ensure that the places we collaborate in welcome people from every background, provide productive education, and are efficiently organized so we can build this project to its fullest potential. They are intended to protect the community.

Be compassionate: No content that threatens, harasses, bullies, or insults others
Be principled: No content that encourages or incites violence, is of a sexual or racial nature
Respect privacy: No sharing of personal or confidential information of others
Be yourself: No impersonating others
Support Nexus: No spam, commercial ads, or referral links
Check your sources: No spreading disinformation/FUD
Be responsible: No continuous complaints about price/market changes
Be organized: Use the proper channels for the proper topics
Be lawful: No illegal content

Nexus welcomes suggestions, insights, constructive criticism and testing for improvement as long as it is solution driven. Members are encouraged to submit suggestions to the #community_suggestions channel in Slack and Discord. Members can also contact the Community Coordinator or platform admins in a private conversation

Let’s move forward and build a better future!  We value great ideas and have Pods in place to help you get involved. Find your purpose with Nexus!


Cryptalk AMA with Colin Cantrell

Colin participated in a technology-oriented Ask-Me-Anything session in the Cryptalk Discord, a new community that is focused on providing news in various formats, resources, and education ranging from voice interviews to community projects for coins and tokens. They offer broad discussions about cryptocurrencies and blockchains and share information that focuses on blockchain evolution instead of coin vs. coin debates. The voice AMA was followed by a question and answer portion on the Cryptalk Reddit.

Listen to Colin’s AMA here:

Check out the Cryptalk Reddit AMA here:


Exclusive Community AMA with Marketing Director Scott Bischoff

Prior to the formal announcement of Scott Bischoff as Marketing Director, the Nexus Marketing Team scheduled a community AMA with Scott in the general Slack. The purpose of the AMA was to give the community the first opportunity to get to know our newest addition to the team, and to give them the chance to make any suggestions they have for the marketing team going forward. The AMA was highly successful and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The core team will be popping into general Slack more often, so keep a look out for more AMA’s.

Scott Bischoff engaged with the community in the official Nexus Slack channel and answered some of their most pressing questions about marketing. Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • The Tritium Whitepaper release is scheduled for May
  • The Marketing Team is building a Tritium campaign for the wallet and code release
  • Roadmap and a calendar of events is coming soon
  • Lobby engagement and plans to leverage the movement of Arizona becoming the crypto tech hub in the U.S.
  • Japanese language translations are a priority in the near future
  • Target markets for use cases will include Music/Film/Entertainment, Healthcare, Finance/Insurance, and Voting

Scott ended the AMA with a thank you to the community, “In summary, I’m thrilled to be part of the Nexus team and community. You all have contributed so much and have been so supportive of Colin’s vision. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you in the future while we all contribute to making Nexus the most advanced and trusted BC available! We will schedule more of these Q&A’s in the future! Thanks for the engagement and great questions.”

Join our Slack Community and get involved!


Blockchain Expo Global Conference in London

Alex El-Nemer represented and spoke on behalf of Nexus at the Blockchain Expo Global in London on April 18th and 19th. The conference was attended by over 14,000 people from across the world, many of whom engaged the Nexus b

ooth representatives with a host of questions. Alex noted that it was extremely exciting to see such a great following around blockchain technology. He enjoyed speaking to other crypto projects that had substantial potential, both from a humanitarian aspect and a business perspective.

Alex’s talk, which was attended by over 300 people, covered the 3DC, consumer protection through blockchain security, and the Nexus mission to bring this technology to the world for positive social impact. Alex had a blast hanging out with the Nexus community at the conference and said it was great to see a strong Nexus Earth following in the U.K. They, in turn, were thrilled to see what Nexus has planned for the future and to hear that the development of the technology is progressing forward so strongly.

Watch Alex’s interview with The Block 20 Report where he explained the 3DC, quantum resistance, and the satellite mesh network:


Nexus Hires:

Scott Simon for Tech Support & Future C++ Development

Scott Simon: Scott has a long history as a systems developer, working on projects for over 30 companies. With a Computer Engineering degree from The University of Wisconsin and an MBA in Finance and Investments from University of Michigan, most of his projects have focused on securities trading and settlement, mutual funds, corporate finance, and insurance, using tools such as C/C++, Java, Perl, and various internet technologies.

Scott first discovered Bitcoin in 2015 as an alternative to the traditional financial system and, through that, learned about Nexus in January 2017. The more he learned about Nexus, the more involved he became in the community, through work on the Nexus FAQ, as a Telegram and Reddit admin, as well as helping to build the Nexus website. Following such positive experiences, he then decided to apply his background by contributing as a developer, officially joining the team this month.

When not working on Nexus, Scott acts as a “Dance Dad” for his daughter and pursues his interests in wine and fine dining.


Community Contributors

Paul V (@Vido) Creates Complete Nexus Mining Guide and Video for BeginnersPaul put together a “Beginners Guide to Mining” that leads new miners through the process of setting up their mining rigs, connecting to the Nexus network, and minting NXS coins through the Proof-of-Stake channel.

Watch “How to mine NEXUS Coins GPU CPU and Staking guide” here:


Upcoming Events for Nexus:

Colin Cantrell at The Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair:  Sydney, Australia: Colin Cantrell will be speaking at the Blockchain Fair taking place in Sydney, Australia, on May  12-13th. His speech will take place on the morning of May 13th and will cover horizontal organizational structure and the power of distributed ledger technology. Join Nexus and Colin here:

Nexus goes to Consensus, New York:  Several members of the Nexus team will be visiting Consensus this year, taking place in New York City from May 14th -16th. The event, hosted by Coindesk, is expected to bring in over 4,000 people this year from around the globe. To join Nexus at Consensus, purchase tickets here:


Thank you to the Community and team for another highly progressive month at Nexus Earth. We hope everyone feels the momentum around this project building as we work collectively to positively impact the world!

Thank you,

The Nexus Team

How a Harvard Grad and Former Medical Executive is Helping a Scottsdale Blockchain Nonprofit

How a Harvard Grad and Former Medical Executive is Helping a Scottsdale Blockchain Nonprofit

Source: Phoenix Business Journal


A cardiologist-turned-biopharmaceutical executive has been hired as the new CEO for the Nexus Embassy, a Scottsdale-based blockchain nonprofit.

Dr. Ajay Ahuja was hired in March to lead the Nexus company, and he has big plans for the growing business that develops and maintains the Nexus blockchain/cryptocurrency software.

The Nexus Embassy, incorporated in Colorado and founded in August, is the steward of Nexus, the open-source blockchain technology and digital currency. The Nexus NXS cryptocurrency launched in September 2014 by Founder and Chief Architect, Colin Cantrell.

“The Nexus technology is poised to really be the next generation blockchain with improvements in terms of speed, scalability and security,” Ahuja said. “We’re growing, hiring coders and developers weekly to execute Colin’s architecture. We’re also working on use cases beyond cryptocurrency in order to have real-world applications.”

Ahuja plans to help move Nexus’ decentralized peer-to-peer-based system to other industries, including real estate, music and health care. Everything released by the Nexus Embassy is open source and given to the general public.

“We have a longer term goal of taking this peer-to-peer networking connectivity to ground-based mesh network and expanding that to interconnected ground and satellite-based mesh network utilizing the Nexus blockchain protocol,” he said.

A mesh network is a network where different computers talk to each other directly rather than a central hub. Blockchain technology is a decentralized digital ledger in which transactions made with cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.

The global market for blockchain was $708 million in 2017 and is anticipated to reach $60.7 billion in 2024, according to the new study “Blockchain: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018 to 2024.”

IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM), Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) are the three biggest companies driving blockchain as their clients are making the transition to cloud services.

The 32-employee Nexus company continues to hire coders/developers weekly. Ahuja wouldn’t give salary information but did say the company offers market rate depending on experience.

“We’re finding coders organically and through search terms,” said Ahuja, adding that the positions are not posted on the website. “If anyone is interested they can reach out to the company.”

The new CEO, and two other new members to the executive team, are part of the company’s plan to add experienced business leadership to its management team.

“The blockchain technology is going to transform the world in much the same way the internet did 20 years ago,” Ahuja said. “This will fundamentally change the way organizations interact.”

In December, Nexus announced it was partnering with Tucson-based Vector to bring its cryptocurrency into space.

Ahuja and the team are working to execute Cantrell’s vision for building out the blockchain and the “greater things this technology can do,” Ahuja said.

Before relocating to Scottsdale in March, Ahuja served as global head of medical affairs for Allergan Inc. in Jersey City, New Jersey.

He also held executive roles at Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) in Chicago and New York City, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Inc. in Chicago and Novartis International AG in Boston.

He graduated from Harvard Business School in 2003. He was the attending physician at Children’s Hospital Boston and stopped seeing patients in 2012.

Ahuja said he was motivated to move to the Valley and work with Cantrell because of his “visionary and motivating” tech innovations.

“Our goal to bring this to the world in an open-source format is truly visionary and I am delighted to be a part of this,” Ahuja said.

New marketing director Scott Bischoff, formerly with Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc., was hired in April.

“My favorite part of Ajay and Scott joining the team is that they are coming from corporate careers to now pursue the vision of our nonprofit to empower people,” Cantrell said in a statement.

Hayley Ringle

Phoenix Business Journal

Read the original article here