Ready For The Nexus Conference?

Ready For The Nexus Conference?

Welcome to Scottsdale, Arizona! On September 19th, you will walk into The Phoenician Resort, a paradise getaway at the base of Camelback mountain, ready to be inspired by the revolutionary technology that is sweeping the world: blockchain. The three-hour Blockchain 101 Course will give you a glimpse into the future you haven’t even imagined yet. A more secure and censorship-resistant monetary system? A tool for artists to get paid directly for their talent? A platform on which transparency and accountability are standard business practices? By the end of Blockchain 101, you will know everything you need to know to dive into The Nexus Conference.

You will start the afternoon with the best of our local community in Arizona: an introduction to what blockchain is all about, not just the tech, but also the culture. From business use cases to diversity in the industry, to humanitarian opportunities, speakers will show you why everyone is excited by these new possibilities. In case you missed it last year, you’ll get to watch a screening of the Mully documentary, a story about Charles Mully who left Kenya’s slums to become a multi-millionaire, only to give it all up to serve thousands of Kenya’s street children by creating a self-sustaining community. This year, you will find out what has happened since the documentary was released.

Check out the trailer:

Our adventure will continue on Thursday morning with an optimistic introduction by the Editor in Chief of Wired, Nicholas Thompson, and then we’ll get into the really cool stuff: SPACE. Jim Cantrell of Vector, Jeff Garzik of Spacechain, and Colin Cantrell of Nexus will all be sharing their visions of our interstellar future. After lunch, you will be transported into the minds of brilliant coders and software engineers who will teach you all about the Nexus technology. Don’t miss the announcements throughout the day! We will finish the day with some amazing and inspirational Keynotes including Jay Samit, former Vice Chairman of Deloitte and serial disrupter, followed by an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals at an engaging cocktail party.

Don’t party too hard though, as the last day of the conference will blow your mind. You’ll start out the morning learning more about the financial side of cryptocurrencies, the SEC regulatory landscape, decentralization, quantum computing, and machine intelligence. By the afternoon you will be ready to get in at the ground level of this technology; by joining the first Nexus Working Groups. These sessions for businesses, developers, and community members are a chance to build the blockchain and governance structure of the Nexus network. By gathering our joint insights, ideas, and suggestions we can customize Nexus to service the needs of the global market and change the world for the better.

We can’t wait to build the future with you! See you at the Nexus Conference!


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