In the lead up to Christmas, and the much anticipated Nexus Tritium core release in January 2019, the Nexus development team is hard at work preparing for December’s public test nets and creating the module store. In late November, Colin Cantrell presented at the Cryptofinance conference in Oslo, and Nexus held its first European Developer Workshop in Warsaw.


Tritium Update

The LISP mapping system is running on Tritium and is being tested. Crypto-EIDs which are IPv6 are also ready, and the team is moving forward with linking them to signature chains. Advanced Contracts are also in testing with new validation scripts which are being finished. The Logical and Interface layers are entering into their final phases of beta. A public Tritium testnet is aimed for the end of December, while the API and RPC are awaiting final core features to be completed.


Developer-Friendly APIs 

The Nexus Tritium update will allow developers to integrate with the Nexus blockchain through an easy to use, feature-rich API set. APIs will create user-friendliness for developers who will be able to build in a wide range of languages, and interoperability for existing private systems to interact with the Nexus blockchain. Nexus has designed its software stack based on the Open System Interconnection (OSI) network reference model, with the fifth layer as the API layer.

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LISP Update

Dino has added a new draft update to ‘LISP-Decent’ to describe a pull-based decentralized mechanism for the LISP mapping system, which can be read here. He has also been holding bi-weekly Zoom meetups of which the links to the recordings are below:

Zoom meetup 1 shows how packets flow, how Nexus peer connections are made, and how the containers are connected to the underlay.

Zoom meetup 2 shows how packets are encrypted and sent on the IPv6 overlay due to the Locator / ID Separation Protocol on the IP address network layer.

Zoom meetup 3 shows how crypto EIDs, the mapping system, transactions over the IPv6 overlay, and Nexus nodes will protect users against IP address spoofing.


CryptoFinance, Oslo

Colin, Alex and Jules travelled to Oslo for the BitSpace CryptoFinance conference. At the conference Colin spoke on two occasions, as a keynote on how Nexus is designing a decentralized internet infrastructure through the use of cube satellites, and on a diverse and lively panel with Richard Hart. We would like to thank the Bitspace team for organizing such a great event, and we look forward to attending the next one. Recordings of Colin’s presentation and the panel discussion are available on the following links:

Colin’s CryptoFinance speech

CryptoFinance panel discussion


Long-time community members @Mirrax and @Lib, kindly showed the Nexus team some of the lands of Norway and held an interview with Colin in which he answered questions from the community. The interviews can be viewed on the following links:

Interview part 1 (Mirrax’s questions)

Interview part 2 (Community questions)


Nexus Developer Workshop, Warsaw

Nexus hosted its first European Developer Workshop in Warsaw, Poland. Colin Cantrell presented the design of the proposed social organizational architecture. Alex El-Nemer presented on some of the Tritium use cases, with insights into the technology Nexus is building with partner SoundVault who specialize in music licensing. We would like to thank all the Polish community for their continued support and great hospitality. The workshop recording can be viewed here.


Sustainable Supply Chains

It is clear that organizations can only operate effectively with easy access to products and services. Likewise, no organization can continue to grow if late payments and poor procurement processes remain in place. This is where blockchain technology can play a crucial role, in both the modernisation and improvement of the logistics and operations which are vital to the performance of supply chain systems.

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Upcoming Events

January 8th: Colin will speak at CES Las Vegas, on the topic of: “How blockchain is remaking the Media/Entertainment Business”


We would like to thank the following individuals from the community for their warm welcome in Norway, @Mirrax, @Lib and @Tjustt, and the many people who helped with the Warsaw Workshop, including @Kat @Zygmunt @Pawel @Kkbiznesowy and @Jakub.

The next Newsletter will follow January’s Tritium release. We would like to wish you all a lovely Christmas and New Year with your friends and family.

Cheers to 2019.