Nexus Community Intentions & Guidelines


We are Nexus: a connection of people, ideas, and technology providing greater choice and freedom through blockchain applications to propel humanity forward. Evolution starts here!

Nexus has seen extraordinary growth since its inception and we are excited to enter the next stage of our development. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry matures, we are finding new and improved ways to execute our vision for a better world. Nexus aims to become the most advanced and trusted distributed ledger and peer-to-peer network. We focus on providing worldwide access to information, cutting-edge technology, and organizational decentralization.

To build Nexus, we strongly encourage a participatory and proactive community. You are the creative force and deserve a place where you can thrive while pursuing these collaborative endeavors. Our community has an infinite amount of talent, passion, and drive. We want to promote a culture that inspires and supports that energy. Together, we are unlimited!

Imagine a world where information flows freely and securely, where we communicate without technological interruptions, transfer value without limitations, pursue our passions, and trust that the systems we create are working to make our lives easier. At Nexus, we hope that you are inspired to collaborate with us and turn this vision into reality.



These intentions have been inspired by you to create focus and positively evolve Nexus:

Collaboration through Connection and Shared Vision

Education with Patience and Grace

Mutual Respect through Honest Discussion and Transparency

Creating a Positive Impact through Community and Cooperation



These guidelines help us achieve our goals of transparency, abundance, and freedom across all of our platforms.

Collaborating and creating with Nexus means:

Being objective with receptivity and honest in our communication

Being respectful in conduct and understanding during conflict

Bringing honor to what we say and harmony to what we do


Please remember that every member is an individual just like you. We want our community contributors to have a positive, safe, respectful, and transparent environment to share ideas, work on goals, collaborate, and create. To do that, we can all make the personal choice to treat everyone in this community with the highest respect. It’s that simple!

These guidelines are set up to ensure the places we collaborate welcome people from every background, provide productive education, and are efficiently organized so we can build this project to its fullest potential. They are intended to protect the community.


Be compassionate: No content that threatens, harasses, bullies, or insults others

Be principled: No content that encourages or incites violence, is of a sexual or racial nature

Respect privacy: No sharing of personal or confidential information of others

Be yourself: No impersonating others

Support Nexus: No spam, commercial ads, or referral links

Check your sources: No spreading disinformation/FUD

Be responsible: No continuous complaints about price/market changes

Be organized: Use the proper channels for the proper topics

Be lawful: No illegal content


Nexus welcomes suggestions, insights, constructive criticism, and testing for improvement as long as it is solution driven. Members are encouraged to submit suggestions to the #community_suggestions channel in Slack and Discord. Members can also contact the Community Coordinator or platform admins in a private conversation.

Let’s move forward and build a better future!  We value great ideas and have Pods in place to help you get involved. Find your purpose with Nexus!


Implementing the Guidelines

In order to remain transparent and keep our community free from unnecessary negativity there will be a three strike policy for members who choose to ignore the community guidelines:

1. Community members in violation of guidelines will receive a private warning from two admin with discussion (Strike 1)

2. If not appropriately addressed, an offender’s account will be temporarily suspended until the issue is resolved (Strike 2)

3. After a 3rd private conversation with two admins without resolution, repeat offender’s account will be permanently banned on all platforms (Strike 3)

Accounts that post spam and ads will be automatically banned and the prohibited content deleted with a 24-hour review period.

Blatant insults, threats, racial or sexual comments, and excessive profanity will be automatically deleted and counted as a first strike with proper notification.

Criticism should be 1) factual (not based on assumption or speculation), and 2) solution-based (critics should provide a solution as well as volunteer to contribute to the solution), otherwise, baseless critiques are subject to deletion.

All implementation will be discussed and handled by the admin teams prior to action (except in the case of spam and ads) with the final say by the Community Coordinator. Admins are chosen based on merit, involvement in the community, and passion to uphold the Nexus Intentions & Guidelines.


The Nexus Embassy
PO Box 176
Scottsdale, AZ 85252