Nexus Community Intentions & Guidelines


We are Nexus: a connection of people, ideas, and technology providing greater choice and freedom through blockchain applications to propel humanity forward.

Nexus has seen extraordinary growth since its inception and we are excited to enter the next stage of our development. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry matures, we are finding new and improved ways to execute our vision for a better world. Nexus aims to become the most advanced and trusted distributed ledger and peer-to-peer network. We focus on providing worldwide access to information, cutting-edge technology, and organizational decentralization.

Nexus is community-driven. You are the creative force and deserve a place where you can thrive while pursuing these collaborative endeavors. Our community has an infinite amount of talent, passion, and drive. We want to promote a culture that inspires and supports that energy. Together, we are unlimited!

Imagine a world where information flows freely and securely, where we communicate without technological interruptions, transfer value without limitations, pursue our passions, and trust that the systems we create are working to make our lives easier. At Nexus, we hope that you are inspired to collaborate with us and turn this vision into reality.



These intentions have been inspired by you to create focus and positively evolve Nexus:

Collaboration through Connection and Shared Vision

Education with Patience and Grace

Mutual Respect through Honest Discussion and Transparency

Creating a Positive Impact through Community and Cooperation



These guidelines help us achieve our goals of transparency, abundance, and freedom across all of our platforms.

Collaborating and creating with Nexus means:

Being objective with receptivity and honest in our communication

Being respectful in conduct and understanding during conflict

Bringing honor to what we say and harmony to what we do


Please remember that every member is an individual just like you. We want our community contributors to have a positive, safe, respectful, and transparent environment to share ideas, create, and collaborate. To do that, we can all make the personal choice to treat everyone in this community with the highest respect. It’s that simple!

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