The Nexus wallet alpha phase officially began on August 10, 2018! This is the final phase of major development of the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) that will replace the original Nexus QT wallet. The front-end development team is building out some final features while the back-end developers are simultaneously testing, error reporting, and improving basic functionality. Both are working through the set of errors and issues to handle as many cases as they can find. All open tickets are documented in Jira and the devs are compiling reports based on all new suggestions to prepare for beta.

The rest of the testing phases will be organized into groups, subject to change based on how development is going:

  • Beta Phase 1 – private link for 10-20 people from the Slack community
  • Beta Phase 2 – private link for 30-50 people from greater Nexus community
  • Beta Phase 3 – public, open-source release to full community
  • Beta Phase 4 – full public release for final feedback before Version 1

The developers are compiling a general checklist of basic functions that will be further tested by these groups and supplemented with other finds. They are working with all three desktop platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux. For Linux, the devs are compiling a document with steps to build and run on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04 through a VMware that sits on top of Windows 10 to insure a seamless build for new testers.

The look and feel of the new wallet has evolved continuously from where it originated over nine months ago. The devs are working hard through the initial bug fixes and look forward to getting the wallet into the hands of our community for further feedback. We will continue to provide updates throughout beta.