Welcome to the Nexus Newsletter for February 2018!

January was another highly active and innovative month for Nexus. We announced a partnership with SingularityNET, which is helping pave the way to responsible AI development; we continued to implement core strategies to move the project forward; and we launched a new website with terrific information content, specifically designed to help take complex concepts and make them easy to understand. Furthermore, we released wallet update 2.3.5, sponsored the Magic Giant tour, and key core members attended the Bitcoin Miami conference.

Nexus and SingularityNET plan to collaborate and utilize important aspects of Nexus’s blockchain technology to help provide a scalable and safe solution for the development of AI on blockchain. Basically it’s about finding ways to keep AIs honest and to solve the challenge of scaling up in a distributed manner; there is a full write-up on the details of the partnership below.

As always, we are continually working to move key aspects of the project forward such as coding, marketing, website, business development, partnerships, and, of course, administration. The Nexus core team members are highly dedicated to seeing the project succeed and show up everyday bringing the best of their talents to help affect positive change in the world through Nexus!

We also launched an all new nexusearth.com website which addresses many of the concerns Community members have relayed to us. The new website has more information content, conveys ideas in a better manner for easy consumption – and it just looks really awesome! We would like to thank all of the team and Community members who contributed to the creation of the site: You did an excellent job!

We encourage everyone to check out Magic Giant’s tour Magic Misfits which could be in a city near you any day! They play really great music and are one of the up-and-coming bands to look out for, and most importantly, they are very passionate about bringing positive change to the world!

Nexus is a large, long term project and the core team is committed to laying solid foundations for long term growth. We expect 2018 to be our biggest year yet. We have made good progress so far and will continue to do the challenging work necessary to build Nexus. As always we would like to thank our Community for being the most positive and dynamic Community in blockchain today!

Development Update from Lead Architect Colin Cantrell:

Work has continued apace on the Tritium and Lower Level Library stack bringing greater stability to the Lower Level Database, finalizing some benchmark tests that proved to be significantly faster than any other C++ embedded databases.

LevelDB is used in Bitcoin and Ethereum, BerkeleyDB is generally used for wallet.dats, and the LLD is used solely in Nexus.

These performance metrics compare current embedded databases that exist in other blockchain projects to generate a perspective as to how the Lower Level Database can help in scaling constraints of blockchains, including partitioning of the database from the LLD Keychain.

Wallet was released to make it easier to keep a trust key active with a one day expiration period, and also included many stability features in the unified time protocol.  This is part of periodic master branch updates to keep up development on the main wallet software while the Tritium code is developed in parallel.

The development team is currently in the process of hiring to expand productivity, with many resumes being reviewed and new hires expected over the course of this month.  Keep your eyes posted for the developers being introduced in Slack, and as always if you or any of your friends are interested in working for Nexus send your resume to [email protected]


Nexus Earth Partners with SingularityNET to Integrate Artificial Intelligence with the World’s Most Advanced & Secure Blockchain Technology


PHOENIX, Feb. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nexus (NXS), announced a partnership with SingularityNET (AGI), to explore the combination of both technologies. SingularityNET is looking to expand horizons creating a decentralized AI network based on blockchain. This new partnership could result in the most secure, scalable and censorship-resistant blockchain AI infrastructure in existence.

Nexus and SingularityNET share an aligned mission of creating the safest and most advanced technology. In discussing the future of secure, decentralized AI, SingularityNET Chairman David Hanson commented, “It will become the single most valuable technology in all of history. This is the chance for us to change the world together.” SingularityNET will also be exploring the use of Nexus’ satellite-based alternative internet protocol. The integration with Nexus would strengthen its mission of creating a censorship-resistant AI network, democratizing access in a manner no other project could achieve.

Benefits/Implications of the Partnership:

For Nexus, the partnership presents a valuable use-case for deploying its 3D Chain architecture and exploring AI applications on layers 1 and 2 of its network. Both of these groundbreaking advancements in blockchain technology will become available in 2018.

Founder and Chief Architect of Nexus Colin Cantrell explains, “Nexus wants to resist the centralization of AI and believes partnering with SingularityNET can contribute to AI safety.” In a truly decentralized AI network, having rules contracted into AI decision making helps assure it will be used for good. Cantrell continues, “Nexus and SingularityNET are exploring new systems together in order to create a reliable means of self-regulating trust and reputation in a trustless system. This can make AI’s safer and more resilient when some of their decisions have to be routed through an immutable contract, ‘such as protect this human.’”

For SingularityNET, the partnership creates scalability, accessibility and security for its AI network. This creates safer, more advanced AI in a way the world has never seen. The partnership helps propel both companies forward in realizing their mutual aim of distributing powerful technologies. Nexus and SingularityNET both share the same mission – to create the safest and most advanced technology in the world.

Read more about the partnership from Blockchain news here:

Nexus Blockchain Teams up With SingularityNET, the Platform Behind Sophia the Robot

Business Insider covers the press release here: http://bit.ly/SingularityMarketInsider

The Merkle features the press release here: http://bit.ly/MerkleSingularity


Nexus Launches New Website: Nexusearth.com


Nexus launched a new, upgraded version of the website, Nexusearth.com in late January that offers users an enhanced way to learn about Nexus. The top of the site conveys the message “Connecting People and Technology to create a better World” and goes on to highlight the features on Nexus including: The WORLD’s FIRST Three Dimensional Blockchain, The World’s Most Secure Digital Currency (Nexus extended Hash), The Satellite Mesh Network and Distributed Topology. The site also features useful tools like how to Buy & Earn Nexus, the Nexus Wallet for download and our NEW “HOW TO BUY NEXUS ON CRYPTOPIA” VIDEO! Make sure to check out the new site, share it with your friends as well as those new to crypto and tell us what features you’d like to see added.

Watch the “How to Buy Nexus on Cryptopia” video here:


Nexus Sponsors Magic Giant’s Magic Misfits Tour:


Nexus is currently sponsoring Magic Giant’s Spring ‘Magic Misfits’ Tour. Magic Giant is a Los Angeles-based band that is viewed as a true musical innovator. The band often features concerts that raise awareness about the environment, such as their recent show in Aspen. Additionally, they filmed their latest album while traveling around in a solar powered bus. For Nexus, the sponsorship represents the opportunity to partner with innovators across varying industries who share a similar mission as Nexus – to positively impact the world. It’s also a great chance for young fans of Magic Giant to gain exposure to Nexus and learn about our revolutionary technology.

Nexus is always seeking innovative ways to teach the world about our humanitarian mission and advanced technology. Colin Cantrell, Chief Architect of Nexus and an avid musician as well, recently commented on the partnership: “Music brings people together. We have seen it gain prominence in times of cultural change such as the Renaissance, the 60’s and again today, as we come together in the spirit of joy, unity and connection. Our partnership with Magic Giant is built on the power of positivity and community – after all, Nexus means a connection between two or more things.”

Magic Giant has been named “10 Artists You Need to Know” by Rolling Stone as well as being featured in Billboard Magazine, “Beyond the Headliners: Here Are 10 Awesome Bands Playing Coachella 2018”. Make sure to catch Magic Giant at all of the remaining stops on their Magic Misfits tour, including BottleRock in Napa Valley and Coachella, and follow Nexus & Magic Giant on Twitter for upcoming ticket giveaways.


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Nexus caught up with Magic Giant in Denver, CO. Listen to the interview here:


Some members of the Nexus core team with Magic Giant in Chicago



Nexus at Unlock Blockchain, Dubai, and Bitcoin Miami

Nexus had a busy travel month in January, sponsoring the Unlock Blockchain conference in Dubai and visiting the Bitcoin Miami conference. Alex El-Nemer attended both and gave us this summary of his experience:


Dionna Bailey and I represented Nexus at the Unlock Blockchain conference in Dubai on the 14-15th January. The purpose of the visit was to promote Nexus getting on Dubai’s largest exchange, RightBTC. During the trip, there were a lot of people very interested in Nexus and what we are aiming to achieve. We made some great connections and may open up avenues in the Middle East going forward such as a PR Agency and several media outlets. The trip was overall a huge success and we were highlighted as one of the most forward thinking projects. We hope to build on our connections and community in Dubai in the future.


Many of the Nexus team went to the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. This event hosted some of the biggest names in Crypto and more than 3500 attendees. It was a great opportunity for the team to develop relationships with those well connected within the community and show a presence at the event. Colin Cantrell attended an invitation only dinner hosted by Matt Roszak, Co-Founder and Chairman of Bloq. Kierre Reeg was interviewed by several media outlets and a lead was made to open up media and translating assistance in South Korea.

Look for Nexus at the Upcoming Blockchain Expo Global 2018 in London April 18-19.

Get your tickets here to see us at the event: https://blockchain-expo.com/global/



Nexus at the Innovation Fair, 2018!

Nexus attended the Phoenix Innovation fair that took place at Westworld in late January, presented by Kadima Ventures. Colin Cantrell gave two speeches at the event on The Future of Blockchain and Quantum Security. The Nexus team also had the opportunity to meet and speak with Sophia of Hanson Robotics, founding partner of SingularityNET. The event was very inspiring for the team who were able to experience a great deal of new innovation in technology, connect with other innovators across varying industries, and to catch up with SigularityNET in person following the recent partnership. Nexus looks forward to continuously participating in such cutting edge events around the globe.

Some members of the Nexus core team meet Sophia at the Innovation Fair, 2018!


Tools We Love

In January we kicked off the new ‘Tools We Love’ section of the newsletter, which features favorite tools from our Community. They are tools that help our people run their lives pristinely, from investment trackers, to ways to organize and get inspired.

We loved hearing your suggestions last month. Please continue to give us your feedback on your favorite tools for crypto, blockchain and those that simply make your life more amazing. Please send your favorite tools and feedback on the ones listed to [email protected]

Disclaimer: These are products recommended by the Nexus Community at Large. The Nexus Embassy will never give investment advice.

1) The Monetary System Visually Explained:

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23DNe0cJhcU

Category: Finance Education

‘The Monetary System Visually Explained’ is a YouTube video that walks viewers through how our monetary system works, from banks on lending to the federal reserve. Many consider this a “much watch” both when getting into crypto, and as support for an improved system.

2) Nexus Orbital Scan:

Website: https://nxsorbitalscan.com/

Category: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tools

The Nexus Orbital Scan is a tool that conveys statistics on the nexus blockchain and mining chanel; it shows Nexus at work! On the scan, one can see everything from the difficulty and reserves of the Prime and Hash, Block Rewards as well as who the largest current holders of Nexus are.

3) The US National Debt Clock:

Website: http://www.usdebtclock.org/

Category: Finance Education / Tool

The US National Debt Clock tracks the US National Debt as well as all the debt of all countries around the world. The tracker also includes information about the US Federal Budget Debt, Personal Debt versus Mortgage Debt and US total interest paid.


Community Thank You’s:

We want to give an extra big Thank You to everyone in the community who did an outstanding job in helping to build the new Nexus website, from writing great content to building out the site so that it runs smoothly. The website remains a work in progress and we will continue to update and grow the site to meet what is needed – all with the help of our Community. Thank you to everyone for your contributions (listed by Slack names):

Website Build Pod: Scottsimon36, Blockhead2 and Yamman

Website Content Pod: Shea, April, Gardniar1995, Blockhead, Jules, Anastasiya, Scottsimon36, Yamman



Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic support of the Nexus project as we move forward in educating the world about our intentions and innovative technology. Please continue to share the new website, www.nexusearth.com, with anyone looking to learn more about Nexus, and we’ll see you in Slack!

Thank you –

The Nexus Team