June was an exciting month for the Nexus Embassy as we continue our mission to advance our distributed ledger technology with coding improvements, while forging a new partnership and expanding our Advisory Committee. We also continued to upgrade and further strengthen the Nexus network’s immune system through a series of wallet updates. In addition, we thoroughly enjoyed another informative and collaborative visit with Dino Farinacci who is assisting The Nexus Embassy in furthering the core code.   

The Nexus Embassy announced the appointment of its second Advisory Committee member, Randall Kaplan, an experienced entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist, and announced a partnership with Foleum, a revolutionary green mining company.

Out of hundreds of entries Nexus was recognized as a runner-up at the 2018 Blocks Best Cryptocurrency Blockchain Awards.  This award was based on outstanding strategy, application, and effectiveness of our technology.

Our core team had a busy month traveling to support our overall educational mission. On June 12th, Ajay Ahuja (CEO, The Nexus Embassy) and Scott Bischoff (VP of Marketing, The Nexus Embassy), participated in a panel discussion entitled, “Blockchain Applications for Pharma” in Boston, MA. On June 21st Colin Cantrell (Founder and Chief Architect, The Nexus Embassy) participated in the “Decrypting the Blockchain: Separating Fact from Fiction” panel at the Libertarian National Convention. Anastasiya Maslova (Community Coordinator, The Nexus Embassy) attended The Crypto Sh*t Show event in Denver on June 27th to present the Tritium architecture outlined in the Tritium White Paper.  All of these educational initiatives provided great opportunities to network while helping to increase awareness of Nexus.

Lastly, please join us at the Second Annual Nexus Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona from September 19th – 22nd. Discounted Tickets are now available for purchase for a limited time at www.TheNexusConference.com.  We can’t wait  to see you all there.

We are Nexus!

Development update from core developer Brian Smith:

With the release of the Tritium White Paper we attracted a larger portion of the cryptocurrency market to our Community and blockchain.  With the light being shed on us also came some challenges as the Nexus network was tested through a series of very complex attacks, forcing Colin Cantrell, Nick Earl, and Brian Smith to focus on the Legacy code. Our most recent release of the 2.4.6 Nexus wallet is a stabilized version, but we will be releasing more updates as we finish developing them. The development team have been testing the different features of Tritium off-chain, but not on a test network as the new protocol is vastly different from the legacy Nexus blockchain. We are testing them independently to capture the test data in a reasonable timeframe. Our Interface development team has been working through some of our wallet alpha tests and preparing for a closed beta deployment. Additionally, Bryan Hallmark and I had the opportunity to develop the interface for the Nexus Conference website.  We hope everyone visits the site and we can’t wait to see you to discuss all of the Nexus development at the forthcoming 2018 Nexus Conference in Scottsdale.


The Nexus Embassy Appoints Advisory Committee Member Randall Kaplan

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 25, 2018 – The Nexus Embassy is delighted to announce the appointment of its second Advisory Committee member, Randall Kaplan, an experienced entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist who holds esteemed positions as a co-founder of Akamai Technologies, Founder and CEO of JUMP Investors, Founder and CEO of Sandee, and CEO of CollarCard.  Randall has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, has been an advisor to more than 50 companies, and has invested in more than 60 early-to-late stage technology companies including Google and Seagate.

Randall graduated from the University of Michigan in 1990 with Highest Distinction where he was a seven-term Angell Scholar and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa during his junior year.  Randall also graduated with honors from Northwestern University School of Law, and in 2006 he received the school’s first Distinguished Entrepreneur Award.  Randall served on the Dean’s Advisory Committee at the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at Michigan for 18 years, and he has served on the Northwestern Law Board for the last 19 years.

As a valued Advisory Committee member, Randall will leverage his expertise to advise Nexus in strategic marketing, business development, legal guidance, and philanthropic endeavors. Nexus’ blockchain technology continues to draw the attention of influential thought leaders across a variety of industries. The addition of Randall Kaplan not only validates the potential of our technology, it allows Nexus to further our humanitarian mission throughout the world.

Randall is also an active philanthropist.  He is the founder of The Justice Ball, a leading and popular charity concert in Los Angeles that has attracted more than 60,000 attendees and has raised more than $6.5 million over the last 21 years.  He is also the co-founder of The Imagine Ball, a four-year old event that has raised more than $1 million to fight homelessness in Los Angeles.  Randall also established the Julia Eder Dean’s Scholarship at the University of Michigan in honor of his grandmother for a student raised in foster care, and he also established the Randall Kaplan Dean’s Scholarship for underprivileged students who are interested in future business careers.

“Randall’s commitment to philanthropy is very much aligned with the broader mission of The Nexus Embassy,” said Ajay Ahuja, chief executive. “Furthermore, his keen eye for technological innovation, as evidenced by co-founding Akamai and making early investments in Google and other leading technology companies, makes his willingness to join the Nexus team a strong endorsement.”

“I’m incredibly excited to work with Colin, Ajay and the impressive Nexus team,” said Randall.  “I love their commitment to philanthropy and their mission to use their non-profit to empower people.”

To learn more about Randall, visit his website: http://jumpinvestors.com or view his LinkedIn profile here https://www.linkedin.com/in/randall-kaplan-05858340/


Nexus Partners with Foleum: Highlights of the Partnership

On June 15th, Nexus announced a partnership with Foleum, an inventive blockchain mining project designed to generate the majority of its own power using green hybrid technologies. The organizations share a mutual goal of reducing the environmental footprint of mining.  

To read the entire press release please visit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nexus-announces-partnership-with-foleum-green-mining-alternative-300667106.html

Following the announcement, Scott Bischoff visited the Nexus Slack channel to share further insights on the mutual benefits of the partnership. They include:

Benefits to Nexus:

  •   Reinforces our commitment to creating a better world – supports green initiatives
  •   Enhances exposure and marketing opportunity
  •    Additional PR distribution
  •    Brings attention to our non-profit mission and reinforces good will
  •    Benchmarking of mining energy consumption vs. other coins
  •    Benchmarking NXS mining energy consumption over time as we release updates
  •    Allows us to reduce our energy footprint with real time analysis
  •    Should help us optimize our long-term energy efficiency
  •    Foleum supports additional NXS mining and will consult us in this space

Benefits to Foleum:

  •    Reinforces their commitment to creating a better world
  •    Exposure and marketing opportunity
  •    Additional PR and marketing distribution via Nexus
  •    Appeals to NXS miners and can increase their reach
  •    Presence at our 2018 conference in Phoenix

Colin Cantrell also weighed in on the conversation providing further details on the opportunity:

“[Foleum is] pursuing alternative energy solutions to provide power for mining and to give some of that power back to the community to support local agriculture and power grids. As you know, alternative energy, such as hydrogen technology, is one of the facets we have been involved in for many years, so naturally it is aligned in providing services for the community and helping the world. They will be mining Nexus and helping secure the network with alternative energy system (which I think is great), and we are providing exposure of what they are doing – so it’s definitely a win-win all around.”

Nexus looks forward to growing the partnership and more details will be communicated as we further develop our working relationships.


Nexus Launches www.TheNexusConference.com:
Please join us for the 2nd Annual Nexus Conference!

The Nexus Embassy launched the website for the Second Annual Nexus Conference, www.TheNexusConference.com in early July.  Tickets are now on sale for the premier blockchain event for business innovation, taking place September 19th – 22nd in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The event will feature a ‘Blockchain 101’ half-day course on September 19th with professor Dr. Dan Conway from the University of South Florida followed by two days of panels, speakers and interactive sessions on September 20th and 21st. Keynote speakers for the event include Nicholas Thompson (Editor in Chief of WIRED magazine); Michael Casey (Senior Advisor, MIT Digital Currency Initiative and Author:The Truth Machine and Chairman of the CoinDesk Advisory Board); Truman Boyes (SVP of Infrastructure at Major League Baseball); Jeff Garzik (Co-Founder of Bloq & Space Chain and Bitcoin Core Developer); and Jim Cantrell, (Co-Founder and CEO of Vector).

The Nexus Conference will focus on use cases for Nexus and other blockchains across many industries including technology, aerospace, healthcare, artificial intelligence, music, finance, supply chain, IoT, humanitarian efforts, and more. This revolutionary event brings thought leaders together to connect on the current landscape and future of blockchain technology.  

The Nexus Conference 2018. Join us to build the future together!

Early Bird tickets Available for a Limited Time only. 

Get your discounted tickets (20% OFF!)  here now:  www.TheNexusConference.com


Dino Farinacci visits The Nexus HQ & Introduces Docker Container Test

Dino and Colin hard at work at the Nexus HQ

In late June, Dino Farinacci made his monthly visit to The Nexus Embassy office in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of the highlights of the visit included Dino introducing the team to a simulation coordinated between him and Colin Cantrell to run 25 docker containers running the Nexus Daemon as 25 nodes over a LISP overlay.  This exercise allowed the team to see an n-squared unicast ping test as well as having a subset of nodes joined to different multicast groups and running a ping test to the groups. This process verifies IP packet connectivity among all the Nexus nodes. The next step is to run multicast on the underlay which will be the next month’s goal. Seeing the simulation was exciting for the Nexus team.

At the conclusion of Dino’s visit, he put together this list of highlights of what the team accomplished while he was here:  

  1. We planned for how to package lispers.net and Tritium
  2. We talked about a couple of variants to a decentralized  mapping system (LISP-Decent).
  3. We are talking about when to design and introduce a reliable multicast transport protocol
  4. Planning on when we can run Tritium on the container-set
  5. Talked with Brian on how to run nexus-qt on the container-set
  6. How to provide LISP telemetry data from the underlay to the nexus daemon. I published an Internet Draft last week where Colin was involved in reviewing it. Google draft-farinacci-lisp-telemetry-00.txt


Nexus wins Runner-Up by The Blocks Awards at The Blockchain Expo

Nexus was awarded Runner-Up by ‘The Blocks Awards’ in Amsterdam on June 27th in the category ‘Best Cryptocurrency of 2018, Pioneers in Blockchain’. The inaugural awards recognised excellence in blockchain technologies” and brought together experts and influencers to celebrate leaders in the industry.

The Blocks are designed to recognise outstanding strategy, application, and effectiveness of blockchain technologies. Other categories at the awards included  Best Blockchain Technology Developer and Most Innovative Use of Blockchain across specific industries. Alex El-Nemer was present at the awards to accept the runner-up placement. The Nexus Embassy wishes to congratulate Waves Platform for winning this category.

You can see the winners in all of the other categories here:



Anastasiya Maslova Presents Tritium at The Crypto Sh*t Show

Anastasiya attended an exclusive cryptocurrency, blockchain, and security event in Denver on July 27th to present the Tritium architecture outlined in the Tritium White Paper. Her presentation included a breakdown of the seven layers of the OSI Network Stack, the Nexus Tritium Software Stack, and the benefits this new technology will bring to developers, businesses, and individuals. The attendees at the event asked a lot of good questions about the architecture and functionality of Tritium and were impressed with the capabilities of this revolutionary technology.

While at this unique event, Anastasiya also had the opportunity to network with other thought leaders in the industry and to help continue the Nexus Embassy’s mission of educating the world about Nexus. Other topics covered at the event included open-sourcing medical devices, PCB hardware printing, threat modeling the blockchain, and hacking digital currencies.

The Tritium White Paper: Nexus’s blueprint for the future

Watch the full presentation here:


Anastasiya and some of the attendees at the Crypto Sh*t Show

The Tritium architecture was also featured in “An Easy Intro to the Nexus Tritium Protocol” article by the Sekigahara Research Group. They focused on how the Nexus scalability solution will lead to mass adoption.

Read it here:



Colin Cantrell Speaks at the Libertarian National Convention

On July 21st Colin Cantrell participated in the ‘Decrypting the Blockchain: Separating Fact from Fiction’ panel at the Libertarian National Convention. Others on the panel included Jeffrey Tucker, Gill Hildebrand, Edward Trosclair, and Naomi Brockwell and the event was moderated by Dr. Howard Wetsman and Dave Guilford. The discussions ranged from crypto economics to the need for a decentralized internet and the panel was well rounded with participants across different specialties within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


Ajay Ahuja and Scott Bischoff Speak at the Healthcare Blockchain Summit

On June 12th Ajay Ahuja and Scott Bischoff participated in a panel discussion titled, “Blockchain Applications for Pharma in Boston, MA.  This well attended conference presented a great opportunity to learn from and network with thought leaders from Harvard, Yale and MIT among others.  Topics discussed included:

  • Where is blockchain being integrated into the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industries?
  • What are the key advantages in leveraging blockchain and smart contracts for biopharmas?  What are the advantages of linear vs. multidimensional blockchain?
  • What are the current barriers to entry themes for biopharmas?  How are companies navigating those challenges?
  • What security challenges are Pharma & Biotech companies facing as it relates to patient, safety, clinical, and operational data?
  • From an execution standpoint – Are companies taking an enterprise-driven or issues-driven approach to integrating blockchain into their organizations?
  • Where have the panelists seen the most success both in short and long term?
  • Are organizations relying on a ground-up development strategy or ‘turnkey’?
  • Relevant Examples: Pricing / Contracting, Patient Owned Data, Claims processing – minimizing redundancies, Records keeping // sunshine act // JSOX


June was another active and productive month for The Nexus Embassy, building the future of blockchain technology. Thanks to our Community for continuing to aid in that process by educating the world about Nexus. We can’t wait to see everyone face-to-face in September for the second annual Nexus Conference in the spirit of collaboration and positive impact on the world.

Many Thanks!  

The Nexus Team