Colin Cantrell


Software Architect

Slack ID: @videlicet

Colin Cantrell is a software architect, engineer, musician and composer. Having been raised in the aerospace industry, he took up programming at the age of 11, and was helping to build rockets by the age of 16. Through these combined interests, in 2014 Nexus was born, bringing together technologies to promote a greater distribution of resources and communication. His ultimate vision is to increase the accessibility of these technologies in order to help people to build a greater connection to one another.

Dino Farinacci


Software Engineer

Slack ID: @dino

Dino Farinacci is a software engineer, technology visionary and one of the creators of the internet. As one of the first Fellows at cisco Systems, Dino holds over 40 Internet and Networking related patents and has been a major IETF contributor for nearly 30 years with ~50 RFCs and Internet Drafts published. Dino is the founder of, a non-profit engineering organization where he focuses on design and deployment of the LISP protocol for IoT, cryptocurrency and 5G mobile networks.

Brian Vena


Director of Business Development

Slack ID: @brian

Brian Vena is a visionary known for evolving business strategies with investors, executives and brands across multiple industries. With over twenty years experience in sales and marketing with Nestlé U.S.A and Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc., Brian has launched twenty-three brands and is a five time winner of the Cresset National Sales Award. While living in Chicago his passion for music and networking inspired him to create a boutique entertainment company. There he connected some of the biggest names in film, fashion, and music with cross-promotional brands and events in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Brian’s passion and expertise is in connecting people. He’s excited to bring together innovative leaders in music, technology and healthcare to further support the goals and success of the Nexus team.

Alex El-Nemer


Global Business Development

Slack ID: @alexelmo

After studying blockchain and digital currency in depth, Alex realised that these collectively were not just emerging industries, but in fact the future of business. Viewing Nexus as the most technologically advanced and competent blockchain, Alex joined the business development team to promote enterprise adoption, which he believes is the key to this technology reaching complete global adoption. With experience in FX sales, trading and investment banking, Alex could see the plethora of blockchain use cases which could improve business practices and overall efficiency not only within finance, but across all industries. In 2018, the U.K. Embassy was established, and Alex was appointed as the Executive Director.

Bryan Hallmark


Software Engineer

Slack ID: @paulscreen

Paul is a software engineer with 20 years of industry experience. He holds a 1st-class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering and was previously employed as a Software Architect for a small London-based software house. His coding experience is predominantly in C++, C++/CLI, and C# developing enterprise applications on Windows, C#/ web applications, and C#/C++ web services. Paul also brings a wealth of engineering and management experience, having previously lead and managed development teams though full life-cycle projects, utilizing various development methodologies from Waterfall to Agile. In 2018, Paul helped establish the Nexus Embassy in Australia, where he now serves as a board director.

Kendal Cormany


Software Engineer

Slack ID: @scottsimon36

Scott has a long history as a systems developer, working on projects for over 30 companies. With a Computer Engineering degree from The University of Wisconsin and an MBA in Finance and Investments from University of Michigan, most of his projects have focused on securities trading and settlement, mutual funds, corporate finance, and insurance, using tools such as C/C++, Java, Perl, and various internet technologies.

Max Rudometkin


Software Engineer

Slack ID: @BlackJack

Jack is a goal-driven, passionate Software Engineer with a keen eye for speed and efficiency. He graduated with a BSCS in Real-Time Interactive Simulation from DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2017, specializing in computer graphics. He joined Nexus in late 2018 after improving upon the publicly available prime miner, demonstrating that he could adapt his expertise for the benefit of the Nexus mining community. With the drive to write the best GPU miner Nexus has to offer, Jack remains driven and helps the core back end team, improving upon Nexus’ vision with a primary focus on speed and scale-ability. Upon the many improvements noteworthy, Jack recently helped slash wallet-sync times for the improved TAO architecture.
Bryan Hallmark


Software Engineer

Slack ID: @hallmark

Bryan Hallmark is a dedicated software engineer and web developer. A recent transplant from the pharmaceutical industry, Bryan brings over a decade of experience in software development and web development to the Nexus team. Having worked on over a dozen different industry deployed software projects, he is very eager to shift gears and put his talents to use for Nexus and its community. In his free time Bryan enjoys playing ice hockey, surfing and spending time with his family and friends.

Kendal Cormany


Software Engineer

Slack ID: @Kendal Cormany

Kendal graduated in 2012 with a BA of Science and has since programmed and release apps and games on multitude platforms including: PC/Mac, Web, IOS/Android, Steam, and even the Playstation Network. He has most of his experience in Unity 3D creating apps/games in both 2D and 3D. Kendal started coding at a young age “modding” games and using GameMaker to write his own games. He practices building and breaking things in order to better understand how they work, often figuring out how the user will break it before they even try. Kendal hopes his contributions towards Nexus will usher in a new way systems interact with other systems. In his spare time he likes to play games and build plastic models.

Max Rudometkin


Software Engineer

Slack ID: @krysto

Quý (Krysto) began his interest in software development when he first learned programming in school at the age of 12, where he won high prizes in programming competitions. Since then, Quý has graduated from FPT University with a First Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. Quý first got involved in the crypto world when he joined NEM in their early days (2014), and helped to develop their first wallet. He worked for several startup companies before joining Nexus. Quý joined Nexus as he sees the project as one of the most technologically advanced in the crypto sphere, that has the potential to take a leading position in the future, and believes he brings many skills and experience to the team. In his free time, Quý enjoys music, dancing, and playing board games with friends.