Nexus Mission & Vision
Nexus Mission & Vision


Developing open-source blockchain and satellite technology to support decentralization, innovative applications and responsible values


A world in which there is greater trust and connection between one another

Nexus is an open source blockchain, peer-to-peer digital currency and contracting technology, designed to nurture independence from existing systems.

Our community-driven development produces distributed applications and provides network security, an intuitive API enables access to Nexus contracts, and our hybrid blockchain solutions supply enterprises with enhanced levels of trust, security and efficiency. 

Nexus envisions a world in which there is greater trust and connection between one another, a goal that shall be fundamentally supported by our future internet protocol and infrastructure.


Many organizations plan to deploy cube satellites into LEO (Lower Earth Orbit), however their models are dependent on centralized ownership and management. One of our longer term visions, is to tokenize satellite ownership, whereby token holders will be entitled to the revenue earned and voting rights, in order to produce decentralized ownership and management. Combined with affordable antennas, the creation of local mesh networks, and tokenized satellite ownership, we envision the building of a new Internet. 

We welcome all parties whom would like to become a part of this collaborative economy, to connect with us.