Nexus Earth Newsletter August 2018

It’s been a busy month as we’ve been preparing for launches both near and far.  As we reflect on our vision and evolution it’s important to revisit our values. We have a renewed focus on getting back to our roots: decentralization, connection, and code.   In order to...

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Nexus Wallet Development Update – Alpha

The Nexus wallet alpha phase officially began on August 10, 2018! This is the final phase of major development of the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) that will replace the original Nexus QT wallet. The front-end development team is building out some final features...

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Nexus Prime GPU Miner (v1.0) Released

One of the most fascinating things about the Nexus blockchain is that it incorporates three different channels to validate data: a proof-of-stake, a hashing proof-of-work, and a prime proof-of-work channel. For over a year, our community has tried to solve a dilemma...

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Nexus Earth Newsletter July 2018

June was an exciting month for the Nexus Embassy as we continue our mission to advance our distributed ledger technology with coding improvements, while forging a new partnership and expanding our Advisory Committee. We also continued to upgrade and further strengthen...

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The Beginning of Blockchain Scalability with Nexus

Introduction In 1962, American spy planes discovered middle and long-range missiles in Cuba with capabilities to reach the United States. This only increased the fear of a global nuclear conflict. But it also did something else… Back then, scientists were already...

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Nexus Earth Newsletter June 2018

May was one of the most exciting months in the history of Nexus with the release of the Tritium White Paper. Tritium is the first of the TAO update series (Tritium, Amine, Obsidian) and represents a giant leap forward in blockchain technology. Nexus is pioneering...

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Nexus Earth Newsletter May 2018

April was a pivotal month in the history of Nexus as we continued to build out the core team with two key management hires who bring a plethora of relevant experience with them. We were honored to see Colin win the award for ‘Top Tech Exec’ in the Rising Star category...

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