“My first impression is that every other wallet I use now looks archaic” – @breadsax

The first round of private Beta testing for the new wallet is well underway this week. Our community members are trying out all of the wallet features, testing the functionality, and reporting their findings.

The Linux and Windows release versions have been packaged, but the developers ran into a few issues for OSX, which will be fixed for the next phase. The second round of Beta testing will start on Monday, September 10, 2018 and will include anywhere from 30-40 new testers. Some of the original feedback has been about legacy processing capacity, including wallet loading time and synchronization time. These will be upgraded in future releases of the daemon and are not part of the UI upgrade. Many of the issues that have already been reported are fixed and will be merged into the main branch today.

“It is a big step forward, particularly the architectural change of decoupling from the business layer (daemon).”  – Paul Screen  

The team is finalizing the skins for the presentation of the wallet and adding customization features into the settings. One of the most exciting aspects of the new interface is that it is extremely flexible and will give users a lot of personalization options.

Sneak Peek!

“The customization and fresh GUI will really set Nexus apart from other wallets and especially from QT’s!” – Greg J

We’re excited to show you a partial sneak peek of the wallet Overview page. The globe will show the Nexus network with nodes connecting to their peers in real time. Based on community feedback, the developers have incorporated an option to turn the globe on and off in order to optimize each user’s experience. More overview attributes will be revealed prior to the main release.

“The new wallet is inviting and feature packed. The customization options are awesome! Couple that with the coming back-end architecture and additional customizable modules for the wallet, and Nexus will lead the pack in functionality and user experience.” – Preston Smith

A wish-list for the future includes support for international languages and other currencies, and a wallet trading app. The development team is working around the clock to fix all reported bugs and optimize the installation process. We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who is contributing to this release!