The Nexus Wallet Private Beta 1.0 launches tomorrow, on August 31st, 2018!

The alpha phase was very productive with the front-end and back-end developers testing major features of the new interface and fixing the bugs that came up during this first round. “Alpha has illuminated issues with our approach in a few key areas,” said Dillon Dugan. “This has resulted in the dev team reworking some of the logic on a few of the screens which has yielded a much better screen workflow.” The last merge from the alpha sprint will happen today, including a new alert system for errors and feedback in the send/receive NXS module.

Private Beta 1.0 will have 18 new testers, including six subject matter experts (SMEs). The SMEs will be set up in a full private test environment so that they can find bugs, make improvements, and then submit them to the devs. The group includes a seed node operator, miners, and original Nexus developers from the community. They will work directly with the other 12 testers to decrease redundancy of bug reports and distribute the scope of work. The Beta 1.0 group was chosen specifically for their range of skills so the team can get well-rounded feedback. A checklist of the basic functions that need to be verified has been created so that the group can confirm that all of them are working the same way and without issues for everyone. Additional issues, feature requests, and design suggestions can also be submitted.

Phil Swazey, the Nexus satellite expert, is expanding his role as Program Manager to oversee the process. He will be working closely with each of our developers to facilitate communications with Anastasiya and continue providing development updates to our community. Nick Earl, aka @BibbityJibbity, will lead the organization of testers in a private Slack channel. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration with our community and appreciate everyone’s feedback on the new Nexus wallet!