The New Tritium Trust System Our Community Has Been Waiting For!

Colin has released a new version of the QT wallet with a re-vamped staking system. This update is REQUIRED by 09/14/2018 19:11:00 GMT -7 to keep your wallet running on the main chain. If you don’t update by then, your wallet will simply stop syncing, but your funds are safe. Just update as soon as you are able.

  • Read Colin’s Blog to find out more about the update:
  • Download the new wallet from Github:
    • Linux, .exe, and .dmg bins are all compiled!

If you are upgrading from or earlier, this version will re-index your blockchain database the first time it runs. The process will take a while, up to 5-10x the normal load time depending on your hardware. Let it load, then let it sync completely. You can also use the bootstrap to speed up the process.

  • Re-indexed database bootstrap is available: > Get Nexus > Recent Database
  • Directions:

After the initial load, it has been reported that the wallet starts within just a few minutes!

Upgrade Process:

  • Backup your current wallet
  • Exit current wallet
  • Download nexus-qt.exe for Windows, nexus-qt.dmg for Mac
  • Run the new executable instead of the old one

*If launching Nexus from the Spotlight “cmd space” you may get an error about your Mac version. Please go into the finder and on the left tab is a “Devices” section. Under “Devices” you will see “Remote Disk” and “nexus-qt”. Launch nexus-qt.

If you need assistance, please join our support channels.

  • Slack #support:
  • Telegram:

UPDATE (Edited) 9/14/18: 

Nexus Wallet is released for Windows and MAC:

If you experienced issues with your wallet syncing after the 2.5 update, please update to the RC-2 branch by downloading the new .exe or .dmg file from Github. You do not need to update if you did not have any syncing issues: